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What are Stainless Steel Binding Wires?

Stainless steel binding wires are invaluable tools for the construction and industrial sectors. Offering strength and corrosion resistance, these versatile cables combine stainless steel and plain steel in one product, making them a great all-purpose solution for various projects. Stainless Steel Binding Wires can also be used for precast concrete fittings, reinforcing mesh, bridge cables, and many other manufacturing jobs. Due to their flexibility and special alloy materials, these binding wires can provide an unmatched level of precision. In addition, they offer outstanding strength and durability compared to other rarely used alternatives. Installing stainless steel binding wires proactively comes with the added advantage of no future maintenance costs due to their low susceptibility to rust or chemical reactions during hostile weather conditions.

Stainless Steel Binding Wire

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Binding Wires?

Stainless steel binding wire is incredibly durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for various industrial and construction applications. It is heat-resistant, rustproof, and resistant to various chemicals and solvents. Stainless Steel Binding Wire can also be easily shaped, bent, cut into desired lengths, and welded for a reliable joint. Its excellent mechanical properties are strong enough to provide secure fastening and flexibility regarding length or size adjustments. It also has good electrical resistance properties, which make it perfect for electrical fixtures or components. In short, stainless steel binding wire provides optimal strength and reliability in many applications.

Functions of Stainless Steel Binding Wires?

Stainless steel binding wires have gained immense popularity due to their reliable strength and impressive resilience. They are used for any purpose, including providing ties in construction applications, crafts, or framing; and connecting precast parts such as balustrade systems, stairs, and handrails. Offering exceptional durability in indoor and outdoor settings, stainless steel binding wires can be employed for engineering projects requiring chain link fences or grills. With the elements being no match for these pieces of metal wire, they are a common choice for more advanced projects like radio towers or aerospace structures. Beyond this, tensile strength provided by stainless steel binding wires often makes them the ideal option for saltwater environments— such as docks and harbor walls—where corrosion resistance is essential. With countless uses for Stainless Steel Binding Wires, it’s no wonder its wide-ranging functions have increased its value significantly!

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Specification of Stainless Steel Binding Wire

Dimensions ASTM / ASME
Standard GB , JIS, ASTM , AISI , DIN
Diameter 1 to 4mm
Gauge 10 to 14 Gauge
Shape round, oval, square, hexagonal, trapezoidal.
Width 3.7MM, 4MM, 8MM, 10MM
Test Certificate Chemical test, Fitting test, Alloy test, Radiography test, Macro and micro-test, Hydrostatic test, Impact test.

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